Frequently Asked Questions

Simply put, it is having a potential client respond to one of your call-to-actions or ads. We will generate the leads using our proven methods and will send them to you very hot. You will need to be able to contact the lead and offer your services to convert that lead into a customer.

It guarantees Leads. Along with any other type of advertising , PPC on Google Adwords and Facebook Ads never ensure any new sales or customers. You need to have the right offer for the leads to convert. make sure your team is ready when they receive the leads, for example, phone script, sales pitch, print collateral, etc.

The process of successful Search Engine Optimization is considered an increase in the quantity and traffic on a site. This is executed by increasing the visibility of the website to users of a search engine. It is the improvement of unpaid results, also known as “organic” results, instead of utilizing paid placement ads. We use SEO for a long term strategy.

This type of marketing is focused on creating, publishing and distributing content for a specific audience online. Examples of this are videos, blogs, social media posts, etc. This material does not explicitly promote a brand but is meant to capture interest in its products or services.

Social media is where all the people are at. If your customers are all on Facebook or LinkedIn, wouldn’t it make sense for you to advertise where they spend a lot of time? This type of marketing also increases your inbound traffic from specified audiences. 

The competition of your company is also on social media. Don’t give away an amazing lead because you didn’t sign up for a social media account! Consumers are constantly looking for suggestions on various topics. With your name out on the internet, prior customers and new customers will be able to find you easier. 

On top of all the benefits from being on social media, marketing through this channel gives you the opportunity to gain new customer insight. That can be priceless!

There are basic factors that every search engine uses to help appraise a site and propel it to the top of the rankings. Each site needs to have the right keywords and high quality content that flows naturally. Building quality natural backlinks to your site is also important. When a search engine sees that another high quality site is linking to yours, the idea is that your site rankings will increase too.

A lead magnet is an incentive used to off potential buyers in exchange for their email address or other contact information. These lead magnets are usually digital downloads of some kind; a free PDF checklist, eBook, free online images, etc.

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